Schmincke Schmincke Mussini Oil Paint Wooden Oil Box Set

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Schmincke Schmincke Mussini Oil Paint oil colour are high-quality colours which use natural resin binders, instead of conventional oil binders. This allows for more glossy and luminous colours. The recipe of Schmincke Mussini Oil Paint oils in based on the oil paint formulations of the Old Masters.

There are 108 colours in the range, including 7 gold shades. All of these offer intense pigment saturation and maximum lightfastness. 64 of the shades are single pigment shades, which are particularly useful when colour mixing.

This set contains:

  • 10 x 35ml Schmincke Schmincke Mussini Oil Paint Oil Colours. Zinc White, Indian Yellow, Florentine Red, Caesar Purple, Delft Blue, Manganese Cerulean Blue, Chromium Oxide Green, Transparent Golden Green, Atrament Black, Shade Grey
  • 2 x Schmincke by da Vinci Black Sable Brushes. Sizes 8 and 12
  • 1 x Black Wooden Box with embossed logo (280 x 210mm)
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