Pebeo Studio Acrylic Paint is ideal for acrylic painting with a professional edge! This set brings you 32 vibrant and bold colours, with thick consistency and high pigment count.

With only 30 minutes drying time, your works can be completed in a matter of days. This paint can be applied to a wide range of surfaces from canvas, cardboard, wood, metal and more. The thickness allows the paint to retain brush or spatula marks for dimensional work and will dry to a fantastic satin finish. You can thin the paints for large coverage and for a range of dimensions for your artwork.

Your ambitious mixed media or traditional ideas can be made with paints that are just as bold as your ideas! Bring your artistic vision to life with a little help from Pebeo Studio Acrylics!

The set includes 30 tubes that are 20ml, and 100ml of white and black paint.

  • 30 tubes of 20ml
  • Two tubes of 100ml
  • Includes 32 shades
  • High pigmented colour
  • Thick consistency
  • Dries to a satin finish
  • Can be mixed and thinned
  • Vegan friendly
  • Ideal for a range of surfaces including canvas, cardboard, wood, metal and more
  • Perfect for adding professional quality to your work
Weight2 kg