Daler Rowney Cryla Acrylic Wooden Box Set

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Daler Rowney Cryla Artists’ Acrylic Colours are professional-quality paints, designed for durability and permanence and made using only the very best materials available. Only the best pigments are used, to ensure absolute perfection for the discerning artist.

This beautifully presented wooden box, complete with brass hinges and latches and a handy carrying handle, includes everything you need :

-10 x 75ml Cryla acrylic
-4 x artists acrylic brushes
-2 x 50ml acrylic mediums: matt and gloss soluble varnishes.
-75ml slow drying gel
-Nostalgic 12 graphic pencil tin
-10 x assorted willow charcoal sticks
-Daler artists canvas 40 x30cm
-Palette knife
-Wooden mixing palette
-Large putty rubber
-Deluxe wooden box


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