This is a fantastic set of Acrylics with a table easel, brushes and a variety of other bits to get you started!

This set comes from the Raphael student campus range which are designed for University and A-level students. The Paints are made to a good standard they are designed to be cheaper than the artists quality range that Raphael are famous for. This tabletop easel comes with brass coloured fixings and leather effect handle, made with pine wood.

The Set Includes:

-Table top easel,
-12 x 0.7 US fl oz Acrylic Paints,
-1 canvas, 27cm x 35cm medium grain acid free, universal priming 100% cotton
-3 synthetic acrylic brushes,
-3 plastic painting knives,
-1 Mannequin (approximately 12cm)

Box packed in size: 455mm x 320mm x 135mm

Weight 3 kg