Lesson Two: Colour Mixing

Pierce is an exciting upcoming young artist, who we are privileged to have working for us, both in store (when open!) and for this lesson.

Colour is an extremely important tool for an artist, but it presents an interesting challenge when it comes to trying to mix different shades. In theory, if you have a few core colours it should be possible to make many others. However, that’s easier said than done. Trying to make a purple but it’s coming out brown? You’re not alone!

In this lesson, Pierce is going to give a brief introduction into colour theory. Pierce will teach you how to approach and overcome some of the challenges you face while mixing your colours and hopefully give you a bit more confidence when it comes to mixing your colours.

All you need for this lesson is some sort of paint, any type will do! The paints that will be used are White, Yellow, Red, Blue and Brown. Pierce will take you through the process of mixing the colours by mixing them on his palette and providing you with an explanation of how they’re reacting to each other and what to do if the mix just isn’t working for you.

We’ve included a selection of items that can be used in conjunction with this lesson below! While Pierce is using oil paints these principles can also be applied to acrylic and watercolour paints. We’d definitely recommend the Stay At Home Oil Painting Set which is specifically made up in store as an easy and affordable way to break into the world of oil painting!

Check Out The Lesson Here!

Colour Mixing

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