Lesson Three: Light and Form

This lesson will provide students an insight into sketchbook drawing while they are at home in isolation. Minimal materials are required, paper and pencil and maybe a rubber or board to rest the paper on; a hard bound book will do.

The idea being it’s an easy thing to do in it’s own right or an ideal intro to warm up before engaging in any serious painting or drawing, etc. This preparation will get the observational skills and muscles working along with engaging with the natural world and your imagination.

Our artist Will Nathans will be guiding you as follows:

Beginning with any object you might take an interest in, it could be anything: a flower in the back garden, a child’s toy, a piece of fruit, a cup, a spool of thread, etc. Take the object and set it under the light if it isn’t already there, a window is easy.

This little lesson should be a fun and uplifting 20 minutes or so.
This is the foundation of all great figurative art. With daily practice your observations will become stored in your memory and how light hits and bathes objects will be informing your more ambitious works.

We’ve included a selection of sketching items below that’ll help you get started on your drawing journey. We’d recommend the Stay At Home Sketch Set as it’s been specifically made as a perfect beginner set to get you into drawing!

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